Production Notes

Production Notes

In Production - Junín, Ecuador

Shooting at dusk at the now famous tree marking the entrance to Junin.

This film was created using my own footage along with digital video and photos shot by local residents and human rights observers who were based in the community of Junin. I am extremely grateful to all the people in the Intag valley and in Quito who provided me with visual material, audio recordings and interviews. Most notably, the community of Junin provided me with unrestricted access to over ten hours of raw digital video recordings of events that took place in Junin in early December 2006. I arrived in Junin on my second trip to Ecuador just days after the most dramatic events took place and conducted extensive on camera interviews with dozens of eye-witnesses and participants in the historic events that were captured on video.

Key parts of the story could not have been told without photos taken by Robinson Guachagmira (Barcelona, Ecuador), Liz Weydt (Münster, Germany), and Luis Guerra Gúzman (Ibarra, Ecuador). Many of the fabulous photos on this website were taken by Liz Weydt and Dawn Paley

Over three separate trips to Ecuador, I taped lengthy interviews with dozens of people in Intag, Otavalo and Quito so that I could weave together a coherent and accurate representation of the events as they were directly experienced. The main consideration for production was to maximize access to the key subjects in difficult and unpredictable circumstances, mostly in rural areas. During the first two periods of production, I operated as a “one-person crew”. Under Rich Earth is also a public-transit friendly film production!

In Production - Apuela, Ecuador

Overlooking the town of Apuela and the dramatic descent into the Intag valley.

Under Rich Earth was shot using the Panasonic GS500 and DVX100B miniDV cameras in standard definition 4:3. Audio was recorded in camera using a Sony and Rode microphone. A small amount of black and white super 8 footage was shot on a Canon 814 and transferred to miniDV. The project was edited using Final Cut Pro.

In Production - Polivio Perez in Apuela

Interviewing anti-mining activist Polivio Perez at the DECOIN office in Apuela, 2008.

- Malcolm Rogge, Producer and Director of Under Rich Earth


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