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Here’s an interesting comment from a film blogger who saw Under Rich Earth at the Toronto International Film Festival:

From “Craig at the Toronto International Film Festival”:

Not had your fill of self-serving double-speak from faceless corporations lately? Well, UNDER RICH EARTH, which details the lengths to which Canadian mining firm Copper Mesa (formerly Ascendant Copper) will go to strip mine an Ecuadorian village, will certainly get your back up as high as you could ever want. EARTH was assembled by Winnipeg-born documentary filmmaker and lawyer Malcolm Rogge from videos and stills shot by the villagers of Junin in Ecudor’s remote Intag valley. Rogge adds interviews he filmed in the aftermath of armed incursions by paramilitary units hired by Copper Mesa into the farming village. EARTH also thoroughly exposes Copper Mesa’s propaganda campaign in regard to its planned Intag mine as so many lies.

It’s great to know that there’s a Canadian mining company romping around Ecuador threatening and traumatizing the local farmers to establish a strip mine on their land. Thank goodness a Canadian documentary filmmaker is taking them on. You’ll never have been so disgusted to be a Canuck if you get to see this, and you’ll be checking your mutual finds afterwards to make sure that Copper Mesa has none of your money.

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